Noelle and Ken

A lifetime immersed in art and fashion
around the globe
Modeling for the likes of Vogue and
Clothing the trendy at her shop on the
Kings Road in London
Painting and exhibiting in USA, London,
Auckland, Sydney and Asia.

Our favorite words are flamboyant, lavish,
sumptuous, opulent, luscious, extravagant.  
We live in a realm of beauty,
in a landscape of pleasure, in a world adorned.

We are inspired by ancient arts,
by Asian jewellery traditions that stretch back
in a continuous line to the beginning of history.  

If our sources are old enough,
if they are still connected to
sensuality, fertility, mystery,
if we can bring to life the arcane and esoteric,
not as copies, but as personal,
living artistic statements,
then we can offer our collectors
a precious gift.

A career that mixes art, academics,
business and arts therapy
Creator of sculptural art in jewellery,
ceramics and glass
Author of degrees in design,
arts management and arts therapy
University Professor and Dean.
Makers of Fine and Exotic Jewellery