When Euva suggested that I start painting t-shirts, my first response was,
"But I can't even draw a straight line."  She just said, "Oh, that doesn't matter,"
and off we went to get materials.  
I painted stripes, squiggles, splashes and then graduated to Matisse cut-outs.  
People loved the colours, and they began selling immediately.
And so: at the age of 30, I embarked on an artist's life.
Tiger Woman
Cecak Inn, 1986
Tree by the Bay
Gauguin in Bali Rice Fields
Elephant Boats
Symon's Studio with Mount Agung
Toucans in Cottesmore Gardens
Very Statuesque
Woven Statuesque with Tiger
Nude for Jonathan
Self Portrait with Ladies and Offerings
Painting in the Desert, 1984
Noelle's Portrait by Freddie Deanes